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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buying a Camera.

so I've finally saved up my money and can buy a camera.
I've been looking into it, i guess a SLR would be the best choice, but my teacher showed me this other camera and now I'm not so sure. so here are my options:

Nikon D7000
16.2 mega pixel
full hd recording
3" Lcd screen
iso 100 - 6400
Cost: $1799

Canon D60
18 mega pixel
full hd recording
3" Lcd screen
iso 100 - 6400
Cost: $1699

Canon D600
(to me this seems like the best option)
 18 mega pixel
full hd recording
3" vari Lcd screen
Cost: $1449

Fuji Fine Pix X100

A rangefinder camera, with the obvious disadvantages of being a range finder and no chanable lens, this camera still attracts me, there are good things about a non-SLR, a compact camera, quieter photography, sometimes faster as well, no black out during shots, view past the shot area. ideal for street photography because of the size, the casing is much more hard wearing more ideal to the style I'm pursuing. besides why should i get an SLR? do you need an SLR to be a photographer? many famous photojournalists did not use one in their prime. all controls on this camera are manual, plus look at this thing it is beautiful.
cost: $1,200

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Anonymous said...

Ohh I'm jealous. I really want to get a fuji finepix but I can't justify the money for it.
I have an SLR, but judging by what you said, I think you should get the finepix. Especially if you know someone who has an SLR they would lend you if you ever had a specific thing you wanted to do with a different focal length, because that's probably the most potentially frustrating thing about the finepix.
It's definitely a good idea to pick something that is fairly small and easy to carry, that's what I hate about SLRs.
And as you said, the finepix is just so pretttttty :)