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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Skinmags in the brambles. FujiFilm Fine Pix X100

 i've gone and bought the
 Fuji FinePix X100
 and well so far i'm pretty impressed about it, as you would expect. i guess i already knew a lot about ti from the reviews i read. its just so exciting, i haven't bought anything new in a while. not even a hair cut.
maybe just a pair of shoes.

anyway, have a look at the photo's i've put up, i haven't had much time to mess around i'm still working out the controls. umm.. ithe camera has 3 custom settings, no.1 i've set to act like that 'ametuer' 'negative' 'hard flash' look, no.2 is standard, and no.3 is black and white. those two photos up there are the color settings in no.1 on the left i've tried to imitate the vivitars distincive blue color by offsetting the white balance and on the right is auto white balance for the room.

 have a look at some of the photos:
some are very nice, nice and soft.

some photo's i've edited:

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keep working.