Icy wind of night be gone, this is not your domain,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


in the mean time i'll leave you with this song by the artist 'smog'  
And a portrait i drew in paint for Elvis-The king

"Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

Friday, August 3, 2012

Digital Art Statement

I've Changed things recently, I might be re-designing this blog soon. because I don't feel that it represents what I'm doing now properly.

I'm leaning now towards digital art.

I have added the statement I wrote about it:

I wish to explore the digital aesthetic in relation to the contemporary 'environment' or everyday life.
I believe digital art is an evolved and a contemporary medium, like us it is evolving and adapting-it now could be seen as parallel to Human Development. the 'modern man' is attached to the digital realm and I believe that to express this situation-the digital medium works best. the contemporary world is often described as having a fast pace or 'speed' to it, this is because of new technology which we have developed, in prehistoric times it was the creation of the printing press that sped our connection, the modern example would be the Internet; with this technology we are able to receive information and ideas in an instant from across the globe, we are still connected to the slower 'physical realm' but we act upon the 'digital realm' as well, the internet is an absolute pure mirror of mankind; after all it is created by us-for us. the role of the digital has fundamentally changed our lives-it plays a un-exchangeable role. through a digital aesthetic I will create works which are observations of the 'modern man' and his connection and influences to the contemporary world, including themes which range from Consumerism to alienation. personally I feel there is an overwhelming sense of alienation in the modern age or the 'digital age'

Click read more to read the full statement.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memento De Flentes Somnium FILM

I Changed my video, it is no longer name 'Requiem'
but: 'Memento De Flentes Somnium'

Which Translates roughly: 'Memory Of The Weeping Dream'

basically this video is about the monotony of life.
the everyday routine, Eat. Sleep.
the light cast is the outside world-one which bathes us in a cold glow-the T.V Screen-the digital seems abusive-cold-we are  looking upon our selves. the body cannot escape.
escape this claustrophobic lifestyle.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

'Requiem' Video

I've Just Recently Finnished This Film Named 'Requiem'

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Studio Space

so I've moved into my studio space at the post office building now.

Friday, February 24, 2012

oh, no love, your not alone.

 I've been doing a bit lately, feeling like i'm moving somewhere,

it'll be good to get back into it this year and hopefully get my own studio space, 
and make up a few 'Ah,' Zines - unfortunately i still have not got my camera back.

work gets more interesting we brang out a new brand called 'Jimmy Recard'
 i did all the design work for that aswell some of the printing.
they're selling pretty well too. i'd put in a link but they're not on the online store yet.
but here is a mock up for the designs:

new ###### designs are on their way too.
click read more to see some more pictures of some recent work.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meat (On) Line Gallery

I haven't posted this yet, but when It came time to hand in my Digital Folio of work end of last year I created a on line gallery to display the work,
I called it:
after a small Zine I was working on at the time, the image above was the only thing i handed in at the end of the year, it was a flyer printed onto cardboard with an image on the back.
I've only given the link to this site to a handful of people,
I website is still up and running, it features some Artistic Film's I recorded last year
Things Like this Film, Named 1:00.Mov:
This Film Features me (filming in POV) putting a Piece of Pizza in a microwave oven for 1:00 then at the end taking it out, If you've seen many of my Photography you'll probably notice that old Pizza's are a common theme in my photography, I filmed the movie not because of humor or anything silly like at - given its probably part of it. I wanted the Film to carry something more, its like the drawings i did of me Smoking - a lot of responses I got people asked if i was smoking a 'Cheeky' cigarette or not, the fact is its not about smoking its more about finding yourself at a moment and if these works could say anything they'd probably say,

"I don't know whats going on either."

people I've spoken too seem to receive some aspect of this, 

And it not just me who has work on the site check out