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Friday, August 3, 2012

Digital Art Statement

I've Changed things recently, I might be re-designing this blog soon. because I don't feel that it represents what I'm doing now properly.

I'm leaning now towards digital art.

I have added the statement I wrote about it:

I wish to explore the digital aesthetic in relation to the contemporary 'environment' or everyday life.
I believe digital art is an evolved and a contemporary medium, like us it is evolving and adapting-it now could be seen as parallel to Human Development. the 'modern man' is attached to the digital realm and I believe that to express this situation-the digital medium works best. the contemporary world is often described as having a fast pace or 'speed' to it, this is because of new technology which we have developed, in prehistoric times it was the creation of the printing press that sped our connection, the modern example would be the Internet; with this technology we are able to receive information and ideas in an instant from across the globe, we are still connected to the slower 'physical realm' but we act upon the 'digital realm' as well, the internet is an absolute pure mirror of mankind; after all it is created by us-for us. the role of the digital has fundamentally changed our lives-it plays a un-exchangeable role. through a digital aesthetic I will create works which are observations of the 'modern man' and his connection and influences to the contemporary world, including themes which range from Consumerism to alienation. personally I feel there is an overwhelming sense of alienation in the modern age or the 'digital age'

Click read more to read the full statement.

I have added something that I wrote a year ago, it hopefully sum's up the feeling of isolation in such a connected world:

 "my shoes have worn down I have a hole in them, so now when it rains my feet are wet. I search the net-some one has posted a picture of Gaddafi's body, some people outside are making noise somewhere and a blow fly is in my room-I kill it. tonight I'm going out, we drink till we are tight, the music is so horrible and my mouth and clothes stink of cigarettes. in the bathroom my cold stupid drunken eyes stare back. the little man in my headphones is yelling about something-but I'm not quite sure what, people waste away in the pubs or in their lounge, people dream about the big screen. am I really an individual in this mess. everyone is trying to write a book. maybe its about just being a quiet voice in this place that screams. sleep can be such a waste, especially if the world doesn't sleep. but you do. I should wash my pants I've been wearing these for the last 3 weeks, I have to go, my microwave dinner is almost done."

 I thought to myself 'this is contemporary, I am contemporary, I should cover this in what I create.‘

"Consuming Consumes You"

we often describe the world as (mentioned before) having a fast pace like a race, it is the interconnectivity which has created this-not only by the Internet-but the television or our mobile phones.
things and even ideas are consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced and discarded at an ever-increasing rate.
does the digital age give a overwhelming sense of inadequacy to the modern individual?
advertising for example; does not reflect actual reality instead they mostly depict lifestyles of fantasy as natural.
is social media used simply to boost the users own ego?
have we created the 'modern man'? the re-invented version of the ' Renaissance Man' where information is at his finger tips, or have we unwittingly created the One-Dimensional Man.
with a bad case of affluenza: -a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the pursuit of more.
The digital world at times can be very cold and 'electronic' the pieces I created over the break have a sense of escapism-like a digital dream, which I am interested in doing more of. I want to expand it from just 2d digital displays or prints, exploring the boundaries of the medium I would like to create or explore: video art/performance art sound art digital artworks distributed via the Internet, works which forego the traditional gallery or museum system, delivering aesthetic experiences via the Internet. through the digital I can create 'environments' where the viewer is drawn into some kind of interaction with the work of art.
even go as far to create installations or projected scenes and (depending on my ability) explore video game art as a medium-utilizing 3D computer graphics, the expanse of digital art is wide there are even option such as; Digital poetry or Hypertext poetry hopefully.

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