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Monday, October 17, 2011

more color neg's - I was raised in a pit of snakes. Blink your eyes I was raised on cakes.

 I scanned the last of the negatives today, they are all photos taken at night, ones that the scanner had trouble finding the edges for. some of them look pretty dirty, with hair on them-some where so dark when i scanned them in, I've leveled them but they're so dark that the leveling makes them very grainy.
if you pay any attention to this blog you'll notice that some of these images are the same as previous digital ones, the reason is that i set the digital camera to the same settings as the film camera would take, to get an estimate on how they would look-there is one difference though-these ones are in focus.
the cannon camera uses a infa red focus system and the vivitar has no need seems everything farther than 3 feet is in focus-i think its something like F9 so a longer focal distance - the cannons is f2 or f3
but all these photos are from good old vivitar how i love it.


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