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Monday, April 25, 2011

Every Thing Is Broken.

Dad woke me up early today, i dont know the exact time-but-the sun was not up.
perhaps i should be getting up earlier to take some photos.
i was in a rush so i did not have much time to think about the photo's i was taking-still the numbers game works ok.
also-i went to Carlisle again today-but i only took a few photos.
if you want to read about my day-read more.



-and how was your day?

odd, well maybe not so much.
-your day sounds nice-
i was woken up by dad this morning
i milked-with mum-dad was fixing a pipe-water and such
and mum was in a shit-as per usual when she milks
anyhow, i took some photos thismorning-but not too many-milking and all
then had breakfast downloaded the photos etc. and jumped into the ute with dad and my dog jack
we drove out to the bush-our place at Carlisle
there, my 'cus' from melbourne
had some motor bikes
idk why he had them
he wasn't there
but they were
so i was riding that and taking photos and that was fun
then he and his friends turned up
"city slicka's"
they put on helmets and gloves those stuff
and at the time i saw it as odd-haha
and there i was riding around with my camera around my neck and no helmet or anything
just-not giving a shit
then i went and found dad
and drove the dozer for a bit
tried to level some ground, a shitty job
the ground clumps in grassy heaps
and the sun beats down on your neck like a wasp
then-what did i do next?
umm, messed around
went around on the bike for some more
the clutch on that bike was fecked
it was getting stuck open
then, had a beer. as you do.
and drove home-had dinner, noticed mum was still in a shit.
and here i am.
and thats what i did today.
i think i'll post this.
what do you think?

- i think you should

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Cheerful Tramp said...

It's funny that I only knew my brother was there because of you.