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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was saying let me out of here before I was even born.

I am heading back to Ballarat tomorrow, i don't know when i will post again-not that it matters
if anything the world would be better off without one more arrogant cock with Internet access.
----comment on this post if you read this----
so, what did i do today?
I'm glad you asked...
i spent the day in the tractor, from 12:30 to 4:30 i think, its not so good i find after these long times alone do not do wonders for my mental state, i suppose in a way its funny-but i think i think too much.
the other day i was moving some cows out of a crop-they usually do not like this seems your moving them away from food-and this time they went through the fence and i 'lost my shit'
in a way it was a release and felt like how things have been inside my head-me screaming at stupid cows with none of them listening.
cause its shit that everybody has there own problems and nobody give a fuck about yours.
it was raining
really, this is a shitty post-I'm sorry for wasting your time


Anthony Woodward said...

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Lene Larsen said...

well fair enough... sounds a bit shitty...

Anonymous said...

those bleeding cows