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Friday, February 24, 2012

oh, no love, your not alone.

 I've been doing a bit lately, feeling like i'm moving somewhere,

it'll be good to get back into it this year and hopefully get my own studio space, 
and make up a few 'Ah,' Zines - unfortunately i still have not got my camera back.

work gets more interesting we brang out a new brand called 'Jimmy Recard'
 i did all the design work for that aswell some of the printing.
they're selling pretty well too. i'd put in a link but they're not on the online store yet.
but here is a mock up for the designs:

new ###### designs are on their way too.
click read more to see some more pictures of some recent work.


i think in the distance they're calling our names.

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Anonymous said...

really like the one on the left...wish i could see it better :(