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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Negative Scanner

this is the first neg image i used in this thing, it was in some old draws at home

I Recently got one of those cheap little negative scanners as a gift, i scanned a film i had developed and projected but could never upload because i had no digital copy,
lets have a look at this scanner,
some bad things to be said about this:
-low DPI
-chunky especially bad on gradients
-really gross desaturated or wrong colors
-may be affected by ambient light or the scanners light it casts on film does not fill the whole frame equally causing glowing around the edges of dark images
-sharpness detail horrible

so it has a few major bad points to it-doesn't mean it doesn't have any good point though. like,

-its Cheap
-easy to use and light/small
-it scans negatives
-WWWAAAAYYY less time consuming then flatbed scanning, it took me like 5 mins to do a roll on this thing, on a flat bed it took 4 hours

seems I'm a pretty big tight ass the inexpensive part is a big bonus

inexpensive > many other things.... period.

i'll post some good photos from this roll that i havent uploaded yet,

 first a few images that show the chunky bad quality:

 with these two images the light leaks did effect the color a little but when i popped then into photo shop auto color corrected that-i pop all images through auto color, before i did so they were very dark

 here are 2 images were you can see what i think it the scanners light not filling the whole frame:

 some images i am happy with, with exceptions

 these images i scanned and let the scanner ivert the images itself with all the warmer images and the cooler images i scanned in negative and used photoshop to invert with curves>color negative, there are goods and bads to both, like the saturation in bad in the scanners colors. i may scan each image twice and combine them in future

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