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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Break, photos of the family

i went hope for the Christmas break and did a bit on the farm,
had a good home cooked meal and did a lot of hours in the tractor, took a lot of photos,

discovered my X100  has sticky aperture blades, i don't know when it started, i read about it on a forum and thought i better check mine-apparently it is an issue with the fine pix X100, could have happened in the recent heat or could have happened a month ago-if i had of known this earlier i would have paid more attention, its not really something you check-i did find i was having some trouble recently taking a picture of a cow in the shade on a bright sunny day-i thought it may have been the patches of light through the branches or ambient light fooling the shutter speed, so i changed that- i also would have discovered this earlier if i didn't have the ND filter setting on, i would have found a lot of photos were over exposed but this was acting as a aperture replacement. 
the blades were getting stuck when moving inward so the larger settings were no use, the aperture still remained wide open.

this was a very disappointing thing to find especially in such an expensive and well put together thing like the X100, so anyway, i discovered it now before it was too late and its been sent for repairs.

i took all my photos this time in HD aspect ratio

tell me what you think of these photos of my family,
none of these have been cropped or fix etc..
guy in the photo at the top is hassan

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