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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home Made Fish Eye Lens,

i bought a little peep hole viewer from a hardware store to attach to the front of a lens, i'm wondering if i can find a way to modify a 35mm film camera to veiw through it, i'm guessing i'd have to take the whole thing apart to install it, 
glad you asked, i have a  old broken 35mm fillm i obtained for nothing and i was able to jam open the shutter, i then blutacked the peephole in front of the lens and placed a white peice of paper where the film would run the light was cast through the open lens onto the white paper so i could see how much of the negative would be exposed, only a tinny circle in the middle would be exposed, so it can't be done like that. 

i built a little housing out of a film canister for the peephole so i could attach it to my old digital camera, 
i didn't follow one but you can find tutorials on youtube,
you have to zoom a little to cut out the large area of black, i think the angle is about 160 degree field of view
here are a few photos taken
Featuring Hassan at his computer yet again.

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