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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Website Re-design

I've been thinking to change the design of my website again lately. i want something more white.
I'll post some options I've been considering, should i change or keep it the same?.

 these two designs will be set out much like my blog, each page will have a different image for a header.

for the one above 'gallery' 'about' and 'blog' will only show when you roll the mouse over them.


Peanut said...

I like the black one.

Do you ever design websites for other people? I need someone cheap to design my website, and I like your style. A friend of mine has agreed to build it for me, but I want someone to design the layout etc.

Also, your carpet rocks.

D a h n i said...

sure i can give it a go,
how did you find my blog?

Peanut said...

A friend of mine goes to Ballarat uni so I found you through her blog :)
I really like the drawing kind of style that you had on your about page earlier, that looked like dinosaur spikes? Anyway, I just want a fairly plain design with maybe a logo or something.

Should I just email you about it?

D a h n i said...

yes i think that would be good, Danthomson92@gmail.com

D a h n i said...

who is your friend? can you link her blog?

D a h n i said...

was it Aubrey Flood?!