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Monday, November 28, 2011

A change of speed, a change of style. A change of scene, - A loaded gun won't set you free. So you say. We'll share a drink and step outside,

the EYE exhibition has caused me to hate all my work, i haven't sold anything-ever actually-and it kind of disappoints me-but then again i guess it doesn't matter, in fact the only problem is that i will slowly have a build up of old works-old works that now seem too childish and too messy, actually i still do like them, its just the fact that i don't know how many people receive them, people say they like them, they either say how they really like them or just not say anything at all, maybe i should move more towards works that will sell-no i don't like that idea, i think I'll do what i like, and this expressionist vain I've tapped into i really like. i just need to work more.
i want to really have an emotional impact, i want my works to be more musical and more lyrical, and i still want to have an impressive figurative painterly forms in my artwork, i still want to include words and thoughts, but i need to work on my colors my flow of the artwork, where the eye travels and the surface, texture and history.
i really want to have such an emotional impact, i want to mirror everything, the life of us, maybe the purpose of painting cannot have an emotional impact? or people just have not been educated to receive this, 
and i guess a bad tradesman blames his tools, and we are all tools.
I've been working, and I've been home alone, i don't know how much of this i can take.
I'll write up my artist statement,
at the eye exhibition i was really inspired by a friend of mines work-well his not really a friend-his in tafe too but i haven't seen much of his work, and it is good.
his name is Brock Sibley, read a bit about a review of the exhibition here scroll to the bottom to see his work

i walked into Dulux today, and i asked if they have any sample pots of paint, the guy said he did, but they usually mix them for around 6 bucks, the man had some old ones laying around, he said i could have them, so i took them, 5 pots the colors are white, orange, red, a darker red, and a middle Grey

here are the artworks i started today, I'll work from the base, building the surface, adding things going over things allow mistakes, people have told me that I'm good at following my intuition so that's just what I'll do, at the same time I'll collect images and lines and add them when appropriate again following my intuition.

I've been looking more at pop art, and found that the colors are great, i want to explore colors i want to explore colors that for me are plastic, modern and electrical. that's the direction i want to take and the feeling i wish to achieve. these are just the starts of these works.

its like I've come almost a full circle this year at the beginning i was much more focused on figurative realistic works, but. yeah.

oh and i updated my website.

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