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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vivitar T201 - Canon AF35M, film developed

so i had to hand the the schools SLR back and now these are my only camera's again,
The Canon AF35M - my mothers old camera
And the Vivitar T201 - The OP Shop Bargain
for the last month I've been taking photo's with the Vivitar, the cannon only fell into my hands last week when i visited home-I've been running fuji superia 400 iso film through the vivitar and  found some old fuji superia 100iso film under the sink that i put through the cannon.
i got the films developed on money and yesterday i spent my morning class scanning them onto the computer.
of both the camera's i like the photo's from the vivitar most, they have more the look I've been heading for on camerapedia it says "The camera gives photos a distinctive lo-fi feel"

so I'll Upload the best of the photos, dividing them into the two camera's


i really am loving this look at the moment.

Spotty the dog, he enjoys the Pleasures of life. here the reflection in his eyes makes him look gostly.

my brother william giving me the finger.

Me With 18 Grapes in my mouth, which i may say, is a new personal record. this photo really is horrable, but i promised hayden that if i use his photo i gotta use mine, i'm glad i stay behind the lens mostly.

Hayden Holding Pizza

Hayden Eating Pizza

Humphry the 3 legged cat.

Katy Standing in my room, this on like the shot of william has that grainy feel, maybe because the neg was dark so it had to be exposed longer when printing thus it gives us a grain

Lynda's Legs

A Half Eaten Pizza, The rope in the camera was hanging down.. amatuer mistake.

My Brother russell, he has red eye.

a Strange angle of the staircase

one of my most favourites the calves taken at night, their eyes glow in the dark, it gives it a really grunge gostly feeling

My Favourite Photo, Hayden Pulling a face. to me it seems almost perfect

another version of that photo the other i liked a little more

I'm pretty sure this photo should not be like this, when i scanned it i must have forgotten to constraint the proportions

Apparently "The world is ̉°ours"


This is my brother William eating a ice cream with a Ramones shirt on.

My Dad Sitting on the couch, you can  see in this photo why i like the vivitar more, this photo has a warm feeling, whereas  I want that blue cold look the vivitar achieves

Whats Your Favourite?

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