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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And I, I never took much I never asked for your crutch Now don’t ask for mine - new look for the blog

So I redesigned my blog, do you like it?
it was a bit of a pain to do but i got through it yesterday and tweaked it today, i used another design that i based the majority of the code off then sorted through it to suit myself, this blog has been reverted back to the original blogger templates that allowed a lot more customization the down side probably being that most people cannot work with html, but I'm a bit more stubborn.
it probably needs just a little more work, at first it had no comment option but I fixed that today-only a couple hours ago.
perhaps it needs things like when you click on 'read more' it reloads the page and you must click 'Read' again to view that post. this is because the blog does not have separate 'pages' blogger added that after the template design that this is set to, instead the whole blog and pages are contained in the one script.
this blog design was inspired by how sleek some tumblr blogs look, I've always like them but thought that tumblr was only for 'hipster' or 'alternative' people or 'depressed self absorbed teenagers' plus 98% of the place is re posts, so i was fairly biased.
but I'm  probably just ignorant to the fact that i'm all of those.
and i almost converted to tumblr too!
then i found this site: http://www.blogskins.com/about/
and it went from there

I thought I'd do a short recap of the stages my blog has been through.
the atrocity that's above is the first blog, back then i called it 'Herbert' and i don't know why

then i think i changed the color scheme of 'herbert a few times before adding the image above with a brown cardboard (or it was suppose to be cardboard looking) color as the background, but that was short lived because it made the blog so slow to scroll with such a large image as the background but mostly because it looked tacky and shit plus 'not guilty by reason of insanity' wtf? who are you trying to fool Daniel.

then i changed the whole blog to white with an inverted version of the image above with another inverted version of the image (below) as the background, and i kinda liked this design, I think I changed because there was no real colors in it, and it looked a bit bland and boring-or depressive really.

then i changed to the eye you see above, and that was fine for a while, it looks pretty good but it'd maybe look better used somewhere else, 
so i changed it to this 'cute' picture of myself to 'charm' all the ladies.
and that like most things i do,

[if you read all that won't you be a babe and post a comment,
I'm so terribly lonely.]

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