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Friday, September 16, 2011

'Touch' - 'I Wish I Was Cool'

 Last night, i did this little project with myself. dressed up i posed like above, at first i was wondering if i should leave my face in or not, but when i added the white circle, i felt it added something esle.
so lately i've been looking at 90's color candid or family photos, things like the harsh flash, faded colors and the over all 'ugly' or dirty look.
have a look at joshua deaner's polaroid project.
and some images from cedric vanturtelboom
and then also most the pictures from this guy.
and matt eich

With The 'Touch' Project i added a circle border just to make the feeling softer, a lot of these photos have a moonlight feeling and i like that.

 Click Read More To See The Full Sets.
 if you cant see readmore just ignore what it says above.

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