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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am a dull and simple lad. film-lightning-pinhole-90'sameturelook

 I've been pursuing that amateur 90's film look again, above is a recent photo.
I've even gone and bought film for my $5 op-shop camera I've had laying around for a while,
I've used 1 roll of film with my friend Lynda and even seemed to inspired her, and that feels good. it feels inspiring to be inspiring.

hopefully I'll use the other rolls when i go back home to my family next week, i haven't been home in a long time, in fact I've only been home 3 times this year.

Read more to hear about some other things I've done, things that involve lightning, stamps and fast cars... and a shirtless man.

the book that i made (shown above) i was going to send to a friend, but the more i think about it, the more i think that friend is a bastard. and probably is too self involved to give a shit about me, but then again who knows they could be reading this right now. prove me wrong.
also it says in the letter enjoy the book,

shown below is the number of stamps i  put on the letter, i don't know if its ok to put that many stamps on but i only had 5c stamps.

i took the lens off the camera i borrowed from school and messed around, doing things like moving t he lens further away from the umm, what do you call it. where it slots in? and switching the lens backwards or trying to replicate a pin hole camera by putting a piece of cardboard with a hole other the 'slot' where the lens screws in.
 this is with the lens moved away from the camera.

and this is the best result i got with the pinhole technique.

here is that same best result fixed in photoshop so you can see it better.

 this is my first picture of lightning,
can see it?
here's a close up:

 and now for you viewing pleasure he is something i spotted out the window the other day.
click on the image to view bigger ;)


Aubrey said...

am I that bastard? If so I'd rather you call me a bitch

Aubrey said...

Oh and I like the photos, coincidently I'm currently buying a polaroid camera off ebay to try and get that old look

D a h n i said...

its not you Aubrey! but you are a bitch still.. no not really. whens that mag you did coming out??

oh, and be careful with the polaroid's they dont make film for some anymore. or the film is out of date. or just Really expensive.

yours truly, Daniel