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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Wanna Ride This Wild Horse into The Sun. - New gen - peel your eyes - messy room

Hey Bud,

i've been doingthe same old things, 
staying up late,
drinking, perhaps more than i should,
I went to Peel Your Eyes in geelong a couple weeks back, it was a geat exhibition opening, a really great atmosphere, just many young people a lot of artists and musicians, what i really liked was the many great rooms to wander though, rooms like this.
its made me think a lot on how i will display my work at the end of the year, perhaps i could set up a miniture of my room in the gallery?
well maybe, i think there is too much mess on the ground, i want to cover the wall space provided-with works.

up top are some pictures of a flyer i designed for New Gen

Read more to see some pictures of my room, i've been messing with the color setting on the camera;

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