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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Everyones trying to write a book. Jan & Sára Saudek - Ballarat International Foto Biennale - louviere and vanessa - ussr in construction

well its been a lengthy length of time since i last posted here,
the lat few weeks have been strange ones, stayiing up all through the night most nights then balancing that with work and class, i've found that there is just not enough time left in the day anymore, there is a lot i want to do.
the Ballarat International Foto Biennale is on right now here so i've been getting around to that,
a couple artists displayed that i liked are:

Jan & Sára Saudek

 i dont know why i liked these too, after talking to others i found that most of them thought of these two artists as their least favourite, i guess i'm straying away from 'traditional' photography (i mean more realistic), funny seems at the start of the year when i did the farm essay it was the complete opposite, perhaps its just the isolation and late nights in ballarat taking its toll..
but i admire the way these photos are created, distroying negative, cutting up/out, burning and cropping images to create photomontage.

i've also became interested in the ussr in construction magazine:
for those of you who dont know, ussr in construction is a propaganda journal published in the decade of 1930 to 1941, in its pages are some of the greatest examples of photomontage.

 here are two examples of my try at these styles:

 what else have i been up too?

i painted the biggest painting i've done to date, i'll upload a photo another time.

i've been working on a zine/s its all slowly coming together, umm, and linked to that is some digital collages a preview is displayed at the top of this blog.

i had a 2 works in a recent exhibition here,at the meat line Gallery, 
a gallery that displays digital works online.

nothing but the dead and dying in this little town.


Anonymous said...

Sweet...you're very good with digital work. That 'shopped picture of your dad(?) is brilliant... Can you guess who's stalking your artwork now? Hahaha

D a h n i said...

lynda? Amber? the girl of my dreams? i'll just assume the latter.