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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inhale Exhale. statement

 this is the artist statement i wrote for my work i entitled "Inhale Exhale"
i did write up a statment for my other work called "move more. care less." but i dont have a copy of that.
i wrote both for an application for both works for an upcoming student ehibition,
Inhale Exhale. statement
This year for my birthday, I wrote in my journal

“I need to be better. I should be more mature. Be a man.”

The Artwork I named “INHALE EXHALE” is a piece where I am trying to channel this angst the feeling I have. Life seems to be moving too fast sometimes-it becomes overwhelming, words and images are always flashing in your face but they are too fast to grasp, I’m disappointed with a lot of things. Like my inability to maintain friends or to accept change. I don’t want to let life wash over me, I want to grasp it and make something, I don’t want a house in the suburbs or weekend barbeques. And I’m scared this is what is happening.

It’s a confusion and mess of conflicting thoughts; I have gathered images that are complied in my diary, from poems-experiences-drugs-girls-Dreams-Fears-Monsters this covers it all.
I find its too hard to explain or put in words-this is why I have drawn them.

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