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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Do you keep a diary?
perhaps you should, i do.
or maybe you've grown old and given up on writting one in the hope that one day that some one will look back and read in owe, well. 
i find that when ever i hit a bump with.. my work, i just look back at my journal and i find insparation,
you should start a diary right now  and write everything in it. be honest, even write shopping lists plans dreams, whatever, turn it into an extention to your life.
oh-and dont forget if you are thinking of starting a diary, perhaps insted of buying a ugly 320 book from a newsagent.. you could.. oh-i dont know.
you know the one, its next to block buster.
and here are some pages of my diary

i find its best to be honest, write the truth, because if you dont ever tell anybody anything whats the point of it, it may aswell not have existed at all.
besides dont worry about people judging-especially if you write it as it is.


canvas artwork said...

love your website

D a h n i said...

dont tell me you love it. show me.

Bethany said...

i'm disappointed you didnt put a photo in of the snail page.