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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

EYE Exhibition setup.

 Today was setup for the EYE University of Ballarat Exhibition, on this blog I'll feature the first photo taken of my largest work ever done, called 'my mind is happy' i haven't posted it yet because it has been in the studio at camp street its whole life,

 Each student is given 2 panels or half a stall to exhibit in, on the first panel was the work 'my mind is happy' and on the 2nd panel i put the installation work i called 'Go Home Art Boy'


after staring at my art all day, it feels  like i haven't done much and the quality is low like i haven't refined it, everything seems to be messy I'm not sure if its quite like anything else, maybe through this year I've spiraled off into some place that is more genuinely me? or expressive, i feel like i have immersed myself  into these works. and when i look at them they feel, petty, or i don't know. its strange. i hope people like them, and i certainly hope people see the sarcasm in things, but also the truth i try to fix into that.
i've got the feeling that most if not everyone will walk past my walk and maybe give me a nod and say its good, but not really receive the message i want to broadcast.
like today that happened with the higher ed teachers, i mean, if they dont get it who will??
and that makes me feel that my work is no bloody good.
.go home art boy.

hope to see you there!

 Click Read more to see the whole setup in glorious photos, taken by Lynda.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel T.

Just had a quick flip through this blog and it's clear you are searching for something in your art, but not yet finding it. Some of your comments clearly admit this - including worrying about selling art. Please don't let sales worry you. Art is measured in different values. Only occasionally do these square up with consumerist ideals.

Fear not the aching drive for something unquantifiable - for this is the underlying drive that pushes all artists. Like surfers always waiting for the perfect set and the perfect wave. As long as you keep pushing, waves will arrive.

I really liked your large painting at the grad show. There are some very strong elements to it. Much of it is derivative of other artists (Basquiat is clear) - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Most bands start by playing covers, before they get their own voice. Clearly, there's a voice already in your work, it will rise to the surface before you realise it.

Who am I to offer advice? Just some dude. Don't worry about yourself making art, just let the art make itself through you - bang. There's my unasked for advice. You'll be sweet.