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Sunday, October 9, 2011

More 'Amatuer' style - I saw a gold ring At the bottom of the river Glinting At my foolish heart Oh my foolish heart Had to go diving Diving diving Into the murk

 i spent this last week at home with my family, taking photos for the amatuer style series.
i'm unsure as if you can call this good photography or not. but i really like the style. because some thing about it seems real, because there is nothing fake about it, people take these shot of their family of what interests them and they are fun, they seem to have a sense of enjoyment.
what do you think?

'You are a dickhead I hope you understand that'

 Yeah your probably right.

so these photos are of my family and my life and interests.. at that point in time.


Anonymous said...

Are you having conversations with yourself now daniel? actually i am daniel. Very nice if i do say so myself.

Aubrey said...

I am a rock bottom riser and I owe it all to you