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Friday, June 17, 2011

life drawing. Gustav Klimt - Fleet Foxes - Sufjan Stevens - abhorrentphotography

life drawings from this week, this drawing i did above reminds me a lot of Gustav Klimt who was a mentor to another artist i love: Egon Schiele. i've been using thursdays drawing classes to explore more expressive styles of drawing and fridays classes as purely drawing in a realistic sense-today i drew small on A4 as to A3 - A1.
i've added some photos also that i did in the darkroom-they have a Bracken Fern shape cast over some of the image, read more to see them.
lately i've been listening to some really good albums that a friend let me borrow:

i was quoted by another friend here: http://abhorrentphotography.tumblr.com
though some of it does not quite make sense.

i did some designs for some t-shirts, its my own brand called "Vacancy"
i'll upload them a bit later

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