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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Story Of Sean

Here's a little story about sean, i skipped some crap i rambled about at the start of the story-um. enjoy!

The only place on earth
but alas-this was not the case with our friend Sean who has just woken up from a very 
Strange dream, it was still fresh and vivid in his mind.
 He had been climbing up a ladder to get to work but when he got to the top he found himself naked and had to go 
back down and home-it was all very time consuming and Sean had grown frustrated-when he woke up, he loved the 
state he was in now. sleepy but unconcerned. His head was floating and he felt happy and warm.
Wait-something was not right, it was steadily getting harder for Sean to breathe, it was as if he was trying to 
breathe whilst having a double-pounder-cheese-burger stuck in his throat.
the sheets rustled as he slid his hand up through the sheets to his neck, something was defiantly wrong his hand 
could not find his skin but instead there was a warm wet patch-it hit Sean in an instant what it was and he shot up 
out of bed, he tried to let out a cry but it merely came out sounding like a dog choking, Sean's stomach dropped as 
he kicked his legs out of Bed, they were weak and wobberly whole running and gave way when he saw in his 
bathroom mirror under florescent glow that there was a bloody gouge in his neck where his throat had been, he 
crawled toward his toilet smashing his bear knees against the cool tiles-hands smearing blood over the toilet seat 
when he threw it back, with his head in to bowl Sean's stomach reached and chucked up-pieces of corn with torn 
scraps of chicken floated around the bowl. long hoops dripped and bubbled out of his mouth while he salivated into 
the toilet, Sean was crying the droplets warped his vision while they dangled in front of his pupils-they dropped and 
splashed-his eyes closed and the tears made the lights glow in patterns through a thin slit.
his nose ran and needed to be wiped, toilet paper was used.
his body shook and wavered as he stood to see himself in the mirror-he needed to wash his face and as he 
reached for the taps his shaky hands knocked his drink bottle into the sink-when he picked it up he only stared at 
it, this drink bottle was bought for him when he was seven; he didn't really need the thing he only wanted it because  all the other kids-the popular ones-had them, he cried while he held the bottle-the bottle he had to have.
a noise from his room disturbed Sean, it was the strangest noise to be heard. it sounded like a baby was crying-he 
listened as hard as he could over the heartbeats in his ears.
Sean walked out in to his pitch black room still holding the bottle, Sean couldn't believe his eyes because there 
in front of his bed perpendicular to Sean sat a pram-a naked baby lay kicking while screaming inside of it.
Sean was confused, but not as much as when he saw another man in his room, dress in a giant white overalls that 
clung tight to his body-it was the sort that Sean had seen babies wear before,  the man's face was framed by the 
tightly worn hood-he had his face smiling with all its teeth-his were eyes wild and insane. Sean saw that the man had an erection pathetically hidden under the clinging clothing.
Sean lost his legs and his stomach at the same time, his spew dripped out of his mouth and down his shirt the taste 
was burning his mouth. he sat and watch what happened net unable to find the strength to stop it,
the man molested the baby.
Sean knew he would die here, the pain and humility was enough to make any man want death to come swift. he no 
longer was concerned of the man nor the baby, it seemed irrelevant to him-his eyes found comfort on a poster on the wall of his room, it was of the galaxy, Sean didn't know which one-perhaps he should have. his eyes closed, and now he saw the galaxy again the purples and magentas wizzing around, it was a beautiful thing, for the last moments of his life Sean's mind was preoccupied with the vastness and majestic-ness of space-how feeble he imagined himself to it.
but soon Sean's spirit would leave this body and join the infinite wonder that laid for him in the endless space, he 
was not sad about leaving so soon, he had a feeling everything would be ok without him-and that was the last feeling he had.
if Sean had still have been it a 'human' state of mind perhaps he would have wished that he would go 
Peacefully-unfortunately this was not the case.
He did not die in peace-or in dignity in fact. No, he started salivating a lot while convolting and soiling himself.

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