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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i have finished working on this piece-i like it-i cant say right at this moment what its all about-its a hard thing to say, i mean-isn't that why we do it in the first place, because we can express things you cannot in words?
anyhow, i wrote some silly thing to go with it, i guess you could call it a poem-read more to view it
I'll write up a statement later i will enter this for a exhibition the uni is having in august
-also read more to see a drawing i did of Hayden

this poem goes with the work, both of them are called:


All My Life,
Run's slowly Flowing into Black,
I dont want to be forgotten,
Not today or over the weekend,
And without a word nor warning,
it comes and goes,
like a hole in my head,
Russeling with torn clicks and clacks,
of the oil driven machines,
gets the work done.
Flashing Faces to fast to grip,
If only i was making something,
If your feeling something,
inside of me my grandmother,
like a baby-you shaved my head,
much more closer to the end,
Know you name and numbers,
its the sense of nothing,
Hold my hand, Hold my Hand,
Plan for us,
For the future,
its getting too much,
getting too much for you too,
I'm Bearing down on this neon glow,
the highway is dropping now,
Each day come,
Keeps Going round and round my head,
it makes me sick,
and its not what i call a life,
burning up now,
they're pulling me seam by seam,
are they really laughing at me,
as the wallpapers drip and run,
up and down your spine,
take one take them all,
and i'm not here,
on factories on mountains,
where have all the good folk gone?
through the fog to thick dirty smog,
where have all the good folk gone?
mountains on mountains,
bridges over bridges,
i'm alright i'm alright-
to the monster in my head,
you'll never know how i am,
you can never ask ever again.

-comment telling me what you think.


Alixander said...

I'm not very good with poetry, but the drawing is great.

Aubrey Flood said...