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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Story of Beth.

Beth’s hands were dirty, still. from a normal distanced glance they looked clean, immaculate  even-but then on a closer more delicate look that Beth usually looked upon things with, she could see that within the lines and folds of her finger prints there was dirt. it was clear to her that no amount of scrubbing could remove all this dirt, Beth gave a long deep sigh while leaning over the bathroom sink, she watched her hair dangle in front of her.

She was almost mesmerised by it o simply just putting off walking to her bed. Even though she knew how much she would like to be under its warm sheets; it'd been a long day Beth had been attending the gym for the past 3 weeks today she'd done 50 squats and now her thighs shot with pain every time she stepped, still it was-bearable and knowingly not as harsh as it would be tomorrow. She made the effort to get to her bed, and it was everything she had dreamed it would be, the sheets felt extra soft against her feet she lay kicking and rubbing her feet through the cool sheets as if swimming, she closed her eyes and viewed the orange that was created from her eyelids and tungsten lamps.
'The world was her oyster' this is what she thought, and, until now she never really quite understood it. Now she understood that there is no time like the present, how much time she had waited-everybody is too bogged down with schedules, TV. Was too blame she thought. Never mind, outside rain started to fall a she pushed her head into her pillow. The silence of the rain was disturbed by a giant smash which forced her eyes open and her into a sitting position, it took her a moment to realise that the source of the sound came from a red brick that was currently moving through her window.  she watched as the brick hit her wall then fall to her floor with a thud, there was a silence as Beth was both trying to understand what exactly just happened and what to do next, but unfortunately for Beth there was no time to think before a man parted the curtains and stood in the window frame, through the poor orange lighting of her lam Beth could see that the man was wearing one of those tacky costumes you get from a costume rental store, this one, notably was a Viking costume complete with a sword and one of those big helmets with two massive horns -you know the ones.
the strange figure leaned back and let out a cry-as it sounded-in anger, two things occurred to Beth at this time the first was that the protruder was male and the second was that Beth was out of pads, she made a mental note to buy some tomorrow on her walk home from school. the 'Viking' jumped down from the window sill and run around Beth delicately arranged room -still screaming mind you- and started kicking shit around.
Beth had never had had her privacy intruded upon as much, in fear -but more so to cover her exposed breasts- pulled her sheets closer,
Maybe he would leave soon she thought, she wanted him to go-she wanted it to stop the mindless destroying.
everything was fine before HE turned up, Beth had just slipped into bed, it was so  warm now and soft tomorrow she didn't have class so she didn’t have to get up-why she may have even masturbated Beth had thought about it a couple times that night-but then this, no way anything like that would be happening tonight.
With every kick that the stranger put through here TV that he was now standing on made her night worse.
and it wasn't long till the Viking and foul smelling man turned towards Beth, the bed wobbled and felt slightly unbalanced as he stepped onto it, then it happened;
it happened in Beth’s mind almost in slow motion,
You never get use to seeing a penis, they always look gross and unfitting for the person.
Beth pathetically
 tried to cover her face as she was showered with the strangers hot stinging urine, in a daze she slipped off the bed and crawled slowly blind in one direction as the Viking followed her slowly leaning back leading with his cock as he covered her with his hot piss-by the end of the ordeal Beth had given up and was in tears, well-she thought it was tears; her face was so wet that she couldn't tell the urine from the tears, maybe some had leaked into her eyes and was the cause of her weeping?
And that was the last Beth ever saw of the stranger,
Beth died that night, alone and cold covered in a stranger’s urine.

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