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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Painting Theme.

 This is what i wrote up for painting.

Theme For Painting. 2011
This Year I intend to develop into a more mature artist, figuring what my direction is exploring. I have become interested in expressionist movements, basically anything with a real emotional grit catches me, I think it is an amazing and extremely hard feat to express emotion in a figurative piece. Some artists that inspire me and have achieved what I’m aiming for are:
-          Vincent Van Gogh
-          Egon Scheile
-          Sir Francis Bacon
-         Jean-Michel Basquiat
The pieces I create will be based on a kind of metaphysical collage of my mind, I feel sometimes the world is speeding past so fast its hard to grab a hold of. This is what I want to paint, the images from my life, flashing up, torn and faided.
Themes like; Fears, Family, Myself, Future, Anexietys, Girls, Past, Faliures, Sex, Drugs, Parties and monsters.
The Pieces I create I will be on wood so they are connected in the way they are presented. They will be arranged in a collage type way:

 [insert picture of box's clumped together]

I am unsure of the number of pieces I want to create, but it will be more than 1 and less than 250.

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Alixander said...

That's a good range to start from.