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Monday, March 21, 2011

I'd Been Happy.

I Just Finnished 'The Outsider' by Ablert Camus, and i really enjoyed it. and somehow i feel that everything in my life has a way (by chance or fate) to keep pointing me it one direction, i dont know if i believe in fate, i'd like to not believe in anything. and thats all you can do is believe in nothing but yourself. i think.
i also think i'd really like to do a philosophy course. i dont know. really there is no reason for doing one but self discovery. its pointless but so is eveything.

i've been doing allot of thinking really, but people shouldn't because it takes you to dark places.
I figure just keep going at life and do what you want and if you have no more to give than-shoot yourself, 
but its not about shooting yourself its about letting go.
if you know what i mean?

here is some recent work, not all of it is finnished, none of them i am particually proud of:

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